Chatbots for Businesses

Automated Lead Generation, Sales, Customer Support & Storytelling

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Use Cases

Our Chatbot technology is used in various applications.


Financial products

Explain financial products, create custom quotes and qualify leads

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Marketing & Storytelling

Tell stories, meet customers, and lower CPCs from online campaigns.

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Guide customers through insurance products with a Chatbot helper and qualify valuable leads

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Real estate

Search, advertise and be informed about current real estate offers.

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Support, FAQs & Sales

answer customer questions, explain products, help with purchasing decisions and generate leads.

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Events & Fairs

Answer questions about exhibitors, events and parties, book hotel rooms and workshops, conduct surveys.

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One chatbot - every platform.

  • Image Voice Control

    Voice Control via Amazon Echo

    With just a few mouse clicks, a Firebot Chatbot can be published as Amazon Alexa Skill. Each bot can then be easily controlled by voice.
    Once set up, the bot can be operated in parallel on all platforms.

  • Image Web Chat Client

    Firebot Web Chat Client for any website

    The Firebot Web Messenger plugin adds a chatbot to every website.
    Customers are addressed directly without the need to log in.

  • Image Facebook Messenger

    Facebook Messenger Marketing

    Firebot supports the Facebook Messenger and all its features.
    Every customer can be contacted regularly and automatically.


Your data is safe with us.

As a German company, we attach great importance to the privacy of our users.

Hosting in Germany

We store and process customer data exclusively on our ISO-certified security servers in Germany.

Secure Connection

Softwareside security measures and SSL encryption of all connections to Firebot also protect your data against attacks of all kinds.


With Auth 2.0 encryption as well as precise role and authorization management, you are also on the safe side, but also internally, as a matter of privacy protection.

Data Privacy

In order to ensure the absolute data security of your Chatbot users, the 'Anonymous' function will not save any user-defined data.

Build your own text - or voice-controlled chatbot


Our transparent pricing is based on the chatbot's usage. You can cancel every month and there is no minimum contract period.

Free Trial 14 days
startup 49

Per month

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  • 10,000 Interactions included*
  • 2 Chatbots
  • 2 Backend accounts
  • 20 MB of media storage
  • Store and create infinite User-Variables, Broadcast messages, Blocks & Entities.
enterprise 149

Per month

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  • 30,000 Interactions included*
  • 3 Chatbots
  • 5 Backend accounts
  • 50 MB of media storage
  • All the advantages of the Startup plan
  • CSV export of bot content (blocks) & analytics
  • Facebook Advert referral parameter tracking Upgrade Now

* Every exceeding interaction costs 0,01 €. All prices exclude VAT. Our offer is exclusively for companies.


Common Questions

What is an interaction?

A message block (one or several text - or media messages) sent by your bot to a user - regardless of how much user input preceded - is counted as one interaction. Every exceeding interaction costs €0.01 incl. Vat - unless you have set a cost limit (we call it 'Airbag').


We don't believe in long term contracts or yearly billings. Firebot's Startup and Enterprise plans are billed monthly, the pay as you go plan needs to be topped up manually by you.


We won't force you to use our platform any longer than needed. You can cancel at anytime and downgrade to our Basic plan - no strings attached.

What payment methods do you support?

Firebot supports all major credit cards and PayPal.


You can download your invoices at any time in the Firebot backend.


If you are stuck you can check out our documentation or email us at any time.


Don't have time? Let us build your bot for you!