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As a German company, we attach great importance to the privacy of our users.


We store and process customer data exclusively on our ISO-certified security servers in Frankfurt.


Softwareside security measures and SSL encryption of all connections to Firebot also protect your data against attacks of all kinds.


With Auth 2.0 encryption as well as precise role and authorization management, you are also on the safe side, but also internally, as a matter of privacy protection.


In order to ensure the absolute data security of your Chatbot users, the 'Anonymous' function will not save any user-defined data.


Acquiring new customers was never easier! Keep your users up to date about your business, setup an interactive support-bot and reduce your service costs.


A chatbot replaces a mobile app or website and lets your users enjoy your services easy and efficient. Never think of app downloads and software updates again!


Broadcast tailor-made messages to your users. Firebot's user profiles let you understand your audience and make you wanna shut down that email newsletter.


Upgrade your existing shop environment to a new channel! Offer your users sophisticated configurators and custom suggestions.

No programming skills required

Build your own chatbot within minutes.

Chatbot Editor

Manage content, messages and functions of your chatbot via Firebots intuitive interface. Firebot also lets you create user groups and send them messages.

Artificial Intelligene (A.I.)

Your Firebot chatbot doesn't just understand whole sentences but is also able to extract logical entities (i.e. cities, numbers) from user input.

Build your own Facebook or web chatbot

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FIREBOT supports a variety of platforms and there are more and more to come.
You're looking for a custom solution? Don't worry - we can integrate FIREBOT into any system.


FIREBOT supports the Facebook Messenger Platform - used by over one Billion people. The messenger can be accessed via desktop or any mobile device and the Messenger App.

Web Client

You can integrate our bold FIREBOT chatbot widget into your existing website or web app. FIREBOT's web client can also speak natural language and can be controlled via voice.

Coming soon

Amazon Echo, WhatsApp & Co

FIREBOT will soon support voice control via Amazon Echo and classic messaging with WhatsApp, Slack, Telegram & co.
Stay tuned!

Listen to your customers.

Firebot lets you really understand your customers wishes and intentions.

User profiles

Users can be grouped based on their behaviour. That means, for example, you can classify users as 'iPhone fan' and 'Android user'.


User groups can be contacted individually and on pre-defined times. There are no limitations content-wise!


Firebot stores and classifies specific information based on user input. The analytics module visualizes user groups and other paremeters like popular content or demographic user data.


You need more than one account? No problem! Manage your own team and delegate specific tasks to your members.

Custom functionalities

You need more than the standard scope of functions? You need additional interface-integrations, more platforms or dynamically rendered content? We are here to develop the perfect solution for you!

The perfect pricing for everyone

Our transparent pricing is based on the chatbot's usage


Start now
  • 5.000 Bot-Messages*
  • Chatbot Editor
  • User management
  • 1 account

Per month

  • 10.000 Bot-Messages*
  • Chatbot Editor
  • User management
  • User variables
  • Machine Learning and Entity-Extraction
  • Push messages
  • Analytics
  • Custom functionalities
  • 2 accounts
  • Email Support

Per month

  • 30.000 Bot-Messages*
  • Chatbot Editor
  • User management
  • User variables
  • Machine Learning and Entity-Extraction
  • Push messages
  • Analytics
  • Custom functionalities
  • 5 accounts
  • Email & phone support

* one Bot-message is a message block sent by your bot to a user - regardless of how much user input preceded. Every exceeding message costs €0.01 incl. Vat


Bots built with Firebot

  • Pic
    MINI John Cooper Works Chatbot
    The official John Cooper Works Chatbot

    Visit the virtual pit lane and learn about John Cooper Works in Messenger.

  • Pic
    Leo CSU Chatbot
    The official chatbot of the german political party CSU

    Besides a technical background, Leo has a warm heart and is happy to talk to you about personal events, or to inform you about politics.

  • Pic
    Ghost in the Shell Chatbot
    The official Ghost in the Shell Chatbot

    Talk to Major and help her achieve a mission, you can win extra prices!


Custom functionalities? No problem!

Together, our team plans and develops custom chatbot functionalities. Whether you need a complex interface, a web-integration or content rendered on-the-fly doesn't matter. Just talk to us!

Consulting & Development

Your team has got that great idea but needs a partner for development? We would love to consult you from a first draft to a fully engineered chatbot product

Custom Functions

We develop new functionalities just the way you want and integrate them exclusively into your Firebot environment.

Build your own chatbot - no programming skills required

Free - no payment details required